Auto Insurance rates in Michigan are too high, but there is a solution that would lower costs without reducing benefits.

A Bipartisan Solution to Fair and Affordable Auto Insurance

You deserve action that will lower your auto insurance rates without threatening the benefits you count on every day.

That's why Republicans and Democrats in Lansing have joined together to create a bipartisan, comprehensive no-fault reform package to provide a lasting fix to Michigan's automobile insurance system.


The Fair and Affordable package will:

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Bring Fairness to Insurance Rates
Prohibit non-driving rating factors (including credit score, gender, occupation, and education level) from being used to determine auto insurance rates.


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Increase Transparency
Make Michigan auto insurance rates more transparent by requiring the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association independently and publicly verify the appropriateness of its assessments. The bills also require the MCCA to adhere to Freedom of Information and Open Meetings acts.


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Crack Down on Fraud
Create a Fraud Prevention Authority to stop fraudulent claims by claimants, providers and insurance companies who knowingly deny legitimate claims.


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Reduce Lawsuits
Reduce unnecessary litigation.


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Lower Health Care Prices for Accident Victims
Enact a fee schedule tied to Workers Compensation rates that reduces costs for both drivers and insurance companies. The legislation also streamlines the claims process and creates a rate schedule for attendant care to reduce costs while ensuring access to care.